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How different courses can improve your golf skills

By Peter Dewerth,
Special Contributor

Golf is an fulfilling and absorbing sport but, even so, there is a risk that you may become stale or bored if you do not change the place where you play. This makes golf different from other games, but the reason for this is the very nature of golf. To become a really good golf player, one needs to play according to the unique nature of every course, which in turn means that more than one course is ideal for the maximum development of your game.

In order to be able to change courses, there must be at least two or three within reach for you. The majority of cities have more than one golf course and even if you are still a beginner, or are on a tight budget, it is likely that you will find suitable golf courses in your area.

The difficulties start after you have mastered the nearby courses. Then you start looking for something new.

The first idea for a new course is the PGA Tour stops, which can be very expensive. Getting into these is not easy and worst of all, they might be members-only country clubs. So, if you plan to go to a PGA Tour stop purely for playing golf, you will need to check their rules in advance and make reservations a reasonable time beforehand.

You can also combine a trip to a new golf course with a vacation for your family. There are nice destinations where, while you are playing golf, your family members can enjoy the sights and various activities and experiences in the area. And in the evening you can be together.

One of the preferred destinations for a golf and family vacation is Hawaii, which is famous for its abundance of golf courses. Choices for courses differ depending on which island you are located.

If your destination is Oahu (if you are staying in Honolulu, it is on this island), consider the Waikele Golf Club or the Coral Creek Golf Course. They will help you to improve your golf skills, because both courses are designed in a way which includes parts of the terrain.

Another popular Hawaiian Island is Maui. There you can play at Sandalwood - a comparatively new, but already famous golf course. For a change, you can hop over to the Big Island and enjoy the Kona Country Club or the Mauna Kea golf course.

Another popular golf destination is Japan. In Japan, there are literally thousands of different golf courses to improve your skills. But it is very, very important that you book your trip in advance, or you might miss the tee time on a Japanese golf club.

However, regardless of the location where you play golf, one benefit is for sure - by facing new hazards and obstacles, you will certainly improve your golf skills. The thing to keep in mind is that you need to plan your golf sessions in advance while you are on vacation and to make the necessary reservations early - otherwise you might miss your chance to play golf somewhere different!

Peter Dewerth is the webmaster of FYPR Golf (http://www.fyprgolf.com/) -- a popular and comprehensive source of information about golf.

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