Junior Golf

Junior golfers can foster their love of the game by taking golf lessons, attending a boys or girls golf camp, competing in junior golf tournaments and more. GolfInstruction.com can help you put your child on the path to a lifelong relationship with golf.

  • Reflection Bay Don't be intimidated by the basics of golf

    One of the reasons that golf is such a great game is the etiquette that players show each other as well as the golf course. Ryder Cup histrionics aside, you won't see any serious golfer spike his ball after holing a long putt or trash-talking after a good drive. In a world full of Joe Horns and Terrell Owenses, the sportsmanship of golf is a breath of fresh air. This is a review of the basic golf etiquette that all golfers need to remember.
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  • Pebble Beach Here are the junior events, tournaments that will get you noticed

    In the past 10 years, the number of junior golf events in the United States has doubled each year. Junior golfers at any age now have many opportunities to play competitively. The American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) has been the leader and most competitive junior golf tournament series for the past 20 years. With alumni like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Grace Park, and Jenna Daniels, it's easy to see why the AJGA is known for producing strong players.
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  • TPC Scottsdale Here are some things to consider when choosing a golf camp

    With the growth of junior golf over the past few years, more and more junior golf schools are popping up all over the country. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a camp that is right for your child. Try to keep in mind the five "F"s of a junior golf school. These are Facility, Faculty, Fun, Financials and Future.
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  • Entrada Course Tips on how to get your child started playing the game of golf

    The game of golf is experiencing a "boom" of new life as youth are discovering the excitement of a day at the course. New facilities that offer children affordable access to play the game are being constructed throughout the country and the world. How can parents attract their youngsters to play this "game for a lifetime?" (Tip: Do not show them old photos of Hale Irwin's plaid slacks.)
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  • Junior golf Junior golf programs help kids release their "inner Tiger"

    A student's success comes from having an instructor that the he/she can relate to, understand, and can ultimately see improvement in their own game. Parents need to ask their kids about the instructor and stay with them if it's a good thing for the junior golfer - not just the parent!
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  • Junior Golf: The Foundation of the Game

    As summer approaches, I begin to receive many calls asking about Junior Golf programs in the area and what types are best for each student. Therefore, I decided to devote this article to how important motivation and instruction are for a child interested in golf based on my experiences as a junior golfer. I hope this information enlightens you as to what program might be best for your child in the upcoming summer months.
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