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Jim McLellan: Forget Everything You Know

By Jim McLellan,

Hate Golf?

While you were comatose...This is what happened to our game. $100+ for golf lessons. $500 for a driver, exorbitant prices for carts and green fees....if you can get a tee time. Golf course personnel who "do you a favor" to let you play "their course." All day shot to play 18 holes.

...And...Arrogant golf pros who convince you that a series, or two, of golf lessons, at hundreds of dollars a series, will make a difference. Do these lessons have benefit?....Hell Yes, for the golf pro. The golfer is more confused and frustrated after the "pro" is finished fleecing him of his kids college education money. Does the golf pro care? Not if your check clears!

Pick up any golf magazine. What are you looking at? Fashion! Aloof, nose in the air, gotta have this gotta have that crap. The golf magazine is as real as Tinker Bell. Are you buying it, are you buying the equipment, the dress, the hype, the status, the insanity? What do golf schools that cost thousands of dollars a week (to stay at some posh, plush hotel) do for your game?

Let your wife shop while the golf school pros throw "tip" after tip after tip at you. Tons of tips Dude, Hey you want your moneys worth, don't you? At least your wife will have something to show for her shopping. She will not have a bag of bad habits at the end of your bad dream vacation, but you will, I guarantee it.

What has happened to this wonderful game of ours? More high tech, freeze frame "instruction nonsense, and you 'went for it." Lets see your swing. Looks like a bunch of junk yard parts to me. No power, inconsistent, and down right goofy looking.

Can you fix your swing yourself if something goes wrong? You have thousands of dollars invested, seems like you should have something to show for your empty pockets. You have read 317,039 tips on how to cure your slice and you still slice.

You have read 749,208,488 tips on how to get more power and you can't hit the damn thing out of your shadow. And you know what?......you think the next tip will finally reveal the secret you've been missing.

My prediction: You will probably die a Liz Borden clone. But, you will have nice looking clothes (for Spike Jones), a very costly set of chimney cleaners, skin cancer, a red balance in you check book, and cirrhosis trying to keep up with the local golf pro sitting next to you at the 19th hole.

Your best golf lesson? No lesson. My gift to you? Brain surgery....forget everything you think you know about the golf swing. Because, Bunkie, if you know "a lot" about the golf swing your swing stinks. Yes, stinks.

Why, because the more you know about the golf swing the more contrived, artificial, inconsistent, powerless, ridiculous it becomes. Stop for a moment ...think about it...you read, you study, you spend money, you suck!

You are walking along on the ice, and the next thing you know you are flat on your butt. You are driving down a neighborhood street, a ball bounces out between two cars. How many feet does your car travel before your foot hits the brake?

The golf swing takes two seconds. From the top of the backswing to the ball is somewhere between a forth and a fifth of a second. As fast as it takes you to fall on ice....How much time do you have to think?

Yet, Dr. Einstein, you believe that if you keep doing what you have been doing you will learn to play golf.

Keep buying the mags, forking out your money to the golf pro so he can show you his shell game, buy the threads, play at the expensive golf courses, buy the clubs made of Kryptonite. Support this billion dollar industry. They are laughing at you all the way to the bank!

They're coming to take me away ha ha, They're coming to take me away

To learn more about Jim McLellan's simple approach to learning your best golf swing in the shortest period of time, visit his site at www.mcgolf.com.

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  • coaching

    robin goodway wrote on: Jan 21, 2015

    Hi Jim I am a golf pro in the UK,and you are quite right about what constitutes a run of the mill golf lesson. No two swings I ever come across looks the same, so why would a one size fit all with regard to new students. Indeed the more you break the swing down into component parts then the more difficult and ineffective it becomes. You need good basic's then play instinctively use your imagination. The key I believe is to become aware of your club as a balanced tool as you would any other implement such as a hammer or racket utilise this awareness of the club to achieve your desired result sending the ball to your intended target. How can you achieve this when you are never actually thinking of your target, focusing on internal thoughts of body parts is in my view the rocky road to golfing hell. If I strike a cord with anyone please feel free to have a chat about it.


  • funny how......

    andrew wrote on: Mar 14, 2012

    hey guys im a UK Based golf pro. Reading this article made me laugh, pros do this, pros do that, pros fleece you, your wasting your money...all this seems to be doing is trying to get you to use Jims method, and is that free? hahahaha check out his website and see


  • Love this guy

    William Tipton wrote on: Feb 26, 2012

    Ive been berated so much and so badly from instructors and pods who follow them blindly.
    Ive been banned from forums for telling players that they dont need to put out all this money for 'instruction'.
    I didnt...and I am getting closer to 90 every time I play...and I just started 6 months ago...and this was on a 7000 yard course...and I didnt even have a driver!
    I parred the hardest par 5 on the course with a 2 hybrid and a wedge and did it very easily. As my consistency gets better I am doing it more and more frequently..and Ive never taken a single lesson or paid a dime for one.
    I just know a friend who knows how to golf and he has told me what he does and it just works.
    He doesnt string me along because there's no money to be made like with paid instructors who really have little motivation in ever seeing their students get better because even a half decent golfer may decided he's grown beyond the need for paying an instructor and that certainly doesnt benefit the instructor.
    There are a few good guys out there, but they are the ones who will just give it to you straight, tell you the basics of the golf swing up front like Jim does


  • Golf Industry Police & PGA

    Dennis Anderson wrote on: Jan 30, 2011

    The Golf Industry Police & PGA have been looking for me too Jim!
    I have your Video 1&2 and think it is great! As I watch the other "Pros" teaching the same students year after year who never get better but keep hearing "good shot" as their reward mantra for all those $$$$'s with little to show for it on the course ---mostly embarrassment of their short off course hits and high scores---and no Fun!
    Jim you are the greatest!