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Learning body rotation is the key the Rotary Swing

By Chuck Quinton,

There is one key fundamental in the Rotary Swing, the first building block to learning the swing: body rotation.

As its name makes clear, the Rotary Swing is more rotational rather than vertical. But what's the correct way to rotate the body?

The answer is twofold.

First, the shoulders should always rotate perpendicular to your spine. Rather than tilt, your shoulders should turn around a fixed spinal angle.

The easiest way to visualize this is to stand up straight and turn your shoulders back and through with a club across your chest. The shaft should always rotate level to the ground.

Most golfers will tilt the shaft at some point during this exercise, so practice keeping the shaft level to the ground. Once you have a feel for it, tilt your spine to assume your address posture and perform the same drill.

The second key is to remember your "ABTs." What is ABT? "Always be turning." Because the golf swing is rotational in nature, it depends on the rotating body for power and control.

When the body stops turning at any point in the golf swing, the arms have a chance to take over, and inconsistency is the result. So remember your ABTs and you'll have the key to the Rotary Swing down.

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    Paul Faley wrote on: Jul 18, 2013

    I am a Premium Member, & a senior golfer. In the past, I have had lessons from good teachers, but not emphasis on the above two subjects. I was taught to pause at the top of the backswing which seems contrary to RST methods. Learning the above two issues, & eliminating the pause, seems like a lot to learn all at the same time. What do you suggest as the best method to help in my learning process?