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"Doing the four ball" on the practice range can help keep your swing in balance.
"Doing the four ball" on the practice range can help keep your swing in balance. (Katherine Dyson/WorldGolf.com)

Doing the 'four ball' exercise can improve your balance, golf swing

Karl FischerBy Karl Fischer,

We call this exercise "doing the four ball," which is bullet-proof because you cannot do it wrongly. Think "swing in balance."

Place four balls (three is okay) about three inches apart in a straight line with your sternum (center of your chest). Set up in address ready position.

Now with a "tick tock" back and forth swinging motion, strike the closest ball first down the line to the pin, and, without stopping, hit the next three balls, one at a time, stepping forward slightly with each shot. Be rhythmic and let this exercise flow with a little hit at the bottom of the swing arc, through the ball to the pin.

Breathe in on the backswing and out during your hit. Relax during this exercise. Only squeeze the muscles when you make the hit, toward the bottom of each swing, just during actual impact.

Swing the clubhead through the ball to the pin.

Karl Fischer has spent some 35-plus plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of "IGAD-Doctorate," "CIMTP-Certified International Master Teaching Professional," "CMCB-Certified Master Club-Builder" and "CGC-Certified Golf Clinician." He has written six golf books, thousands of editorials, tips, "Bullet-Proof Drills" and much more. He can be reached at KF@555golf.com or by phone at (817) 673-8888.

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