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Improper posture and alignment can be prime culprits of a bad golf swing.
Improper posture and alignment can be prime culprits of a bad golf swing. (Courtesy photo)

Want to improve your golf swing? Point your chin at the ball

Les MillerBy Les Miller,

I've watched golfers set up to the ball correctly only to turn their chin toward the target or away from the ball before they start their backswing. This movement of the head will ruin good alignment and solid posture causing golfers to make bad swings.

It is important to note that these bad swings are all due to the position of your head at address. By tilting your head you misalign your posture, this makes you alter your swing path through the impact zone. The bad swing is directly caused by improper posture and alignment.

Here's a tip to think about: In the last few seconds before you make a swing, point your chin at the ball and keep it pointed at the ball until the club face hits the ball and you are following through.

Pointing the chin at the ball during your swing enables you to retain the proper body position and spine angle during your swing. When you turn your head, your posture and spine angle change, which alters your swing path causing all sorts of problems - lifting your head, opening your shoulders, pulling or pushing shots.

Remember to "point the chin" for every shot, from driver to putter, and you'll keep your spine angle and posture in place during your entire swing. You will find that your shot inconsistencies and ball sticking will improve dramatically with just this quick fix.

Les Miller was a longtime Golf Writers of America member who covered golf instruction for several newspapers and golf publications. His many years of experience as a golf professional, director of product development and tour relations for several major golf companies gave him a unique background and ability to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game.

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  • Chin at the ball?

    Rushy wrote on: Aug 3, 2012

    I think this is duff gen as it flattens your posture too much through the swing and you stand up. Foavial vision, where you keep the centre of your eyes on the ball.This is the way you should address the ball is the correct method. Don't believe me? check out hogan, nicklaus, palmer and more recently robert rock and ernie els. Chin at the ball lifts the head too much and flattens the swing....


  • Re: Point your chin at the ball

    k wrote on: Jul 18, 2012

    There is a youtube video in which sam snead councils the golfer to turn the head to the right before the backswing because it relaxes the left side and facilitates a good shoulder turn, Bobby jones turned his head right, so did nicklaus and hogan and a host of others.