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Turning your lower body open before impact, while keeping shoulders square to the ball will increase your power.
Turning your lower body open before impact, while keeping shoulders square to the ball will increase your power. (Thomas Hartman/Eclipse Sportswire)

Create lag, fix those clubs and improve your backswing

Les MillerBy Les Miller,

Creating lag in your swing will help increase your power. The next time you see Anthony Kim on TV, focus in on his grip. Notice how he grips down an inch or two on all his clubs. This helps him to produce an incredible amount of lag during his golf swing.

Another source of Kim's power is his ability to turn his lower body open before impact, while keeping his shoulders square to the ball. To improve your shot control and distance, grip down on the club, and keep your shoulders square upon impact.

Tip: Try a softer shaft

Always searching for more distance? Consider this: According to golf-shaft manufactures, 80 percent of all golfers use the wrong shaft flex, and almost all of these golfers use shafts that are too stiff.

A softer shaft will help you create more lag naturally by allowing you to release the club head where you need it during your swing. Just make sure you get the right flex, length and weight for all the clubs in your bag. Always gets a professional club fitting when you purchase clubs. It'll make a huge difference in your game.

Tip: Lift your left foot. Bend your left arm

Unless you're very flexible, maintaining a straight left arm and holding both feet on the ground atop the backswing is almost impossible. Instead, allow your forward foot to lift, and let your left arm bend slightly. This will allow a full shoulder turn on your backswing.

These changes will increase your flexibility to create a more powerful position on the backswing. You'll not only increase your power, but you'll find yourself more relaxed and able to make a better and more fluid golf swing.

Les Miller was a longtime Golf Writers of America member who covered golf instruction for several newspapers and golf publications. His many years of experience as a golf professional, director of product development and tour relations for several major golf companies gave him a unique background and ability to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game.

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  • Tip on how to improve backswing

    John Lynch wrote on: Feb 3, 2009

    Great tip on how to improve your back swing!
    I totally transformed my golf swing with the Medicus Driver!
    I suddenly realized before the Medicus Driver I had been rushing my take away, now I'm giving my golf swing the time to develop into a powerful and repeatable swing!
    Even my 13 year old daughter was hitting balls with the Medicus Driver in no time and she's a beginner golfer!