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Jim McLean offers advice on playing in bad weather

Tom Watson is considered one of the best poor weather golfers in the history of the game due to his constant preparedness and willingness to play even under bad conditions.

In this video golf lesson, PGA Professional Jim McLean shares a few of Tom Watson's mental tips that will improve your ability to play in any type of weather. It is important not only to be prepared with the proper equipment, including handwarmers and rain gear, but it is also important to be willing to practice or play despite the conditions.

Being mentally prepared to handle poor weather will make you more physically prepared to play golf in those conditions.

Golf tip: Jim McLean on golfing in bad weather

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Jim McLean shares the mental secrets to Tom Watson\'s skillful play in bad weather.

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  • Golf in Bad Weather

    Denny wrote on: Mar 21, 2011

    Great tip. No one likes playing in poor weather, so if you can mentally prepare yourself, you are a leg up on your opponents. Have plenty of gloves and towels and keep your grips as dry as posible. Attitude can mean a lot.