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Jim McLean's drag drill will help you drive the ball straight and long

In this video golf lesson, PGA Professional Jim McLean discusses a beneficial approach to the ball that involves going in shallow with a nice flat spot in the swing.

This approach is a key element of Lee Trevino's swing, and McLean offers an easy drag drill that will help you incorporate it into your own. It is a slow, easy practice swing that will help golfers break down the movement in order to correct alignment.

In the initial stance, the golf club will appear to be open, but as you go through the drill, it will eventually square up and release when going through.

Jim McLean - a drag drill for better drives

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Jim McLean demonstrates a swing drill to help you drive the ball straighter and longer.

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  • Bad slice off the tee.

    jose wrote on: Jun 18, 2010

    I can consistanly hit my drives for about 200 to 250 yards but most of the time, my drives get to about 150 then the slice begins. What can I do to correst that?


      • RE: Bad slice off the tee.

        Kyle Myers wrote on: Aug 15, 2013

        do not leave your club face open at impact, only reason you will slice the ball