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Charlie King, PGABy Charlie King, PGA,
Special Contributor

All too often golfers end up topping or blading the ball on pitch shots because they lift their clubs too much. Instead, allow the angle of the club face, not your body, to generate loft, says Reynolds Golf Academy's Charlie King.

Charlie King on pitching

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Top 100 golf instructor Charlie King helps you improve your pitching, lower your scores.

Charlie King is PGA director of instruction for the prestigious Reynolds Golf Academy at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Ga. He is ranked among the Top 100 Teachers in America by Golf Magazine, and has authored two books: "You're NOT Lifting Your Head," and "Golf's Red Zone Challenge." Click here to read his golf blog.

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  • Pitching

    Michael Henry wrote on: Apr 13, 2010

    Delayed due to weather until 6March.
    I am still absolutely euphoric over the results of my first range trip in 2010.
    After having an intensive hour and a half with two sets of wedges,and a nostalgic hit with a wooden Ping Zing wood, and a 5HL iron and a 24deg Rescue club, I decided for the last 20 balls, to use the 60degMB Ping Lob Wedge. The results were,nothing short of breathtaking.The nearest green (pin 65yds)I peppered the actual pin, hitting it at least 6times.On the day I would have given Mickelson a run for his money.I have been a reasonable pitch shot player,but this was something else.The almost robotic,repetitive, mortar round parabolas,were sheer joy to watch.The results stunning.
    Charlie King, YOU made my year start with a memory for EVER,Thankyou very,very much :-) Michael


  • Pitching

    Michael Henry wrote on: Mar 30, 2010

    Friday,after a north-eastern Chinese winter,first day at the range.I have packed 2 sets of Ping wedges (Zing/G2's)to practice my pitching.I found this article,simple,too the point and effective and reminded me of the CRITICAL points. Playing one set of wedges against the other to make it competitive.The objective of my practice will be: Up and down the shafts, checking distance, and 1/4,1/2,and 3/4 swing shots.
    So King/Henry sounds good to me;-)
    A timely reminder and worth the viewing.
    Thanks from a warming up, Dalian,China