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Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar offer practice drills that will give you better results

PGA Professional Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar team up in this video golf lesson to demonstrate a few helpful drills that will help you save a few strokes around any green.

In the first drill, Blackmar demonstrates how simply putting the left toe at the right heel and doing a few practice swings allows the body to turn and keeps the legs from sliding. The next few drills involve making low-trajectory shots and then also high-trajectory shots.

Flick and Blackmar also demonstrate how to properly set up and measure the shot for better results. Flick recommends that high handicappers lower their grip on the club for more control.

Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar on the short game

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Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar on drills you can do for saving strokes around any green.

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