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Peter Krause on what to do when the ball lies above your feet

In this video golf lesson, PGA Professional Peter Krause shows how to handle a shot where the ball lies above the feet. Although this is a tricky shot, it is easily remedied by remembering two important things.

The first is that in this type of shot, the more the golf club comes off the ground, the more the clubface will point to the left of the target. Keeping that in mind, when lining up for the shot, point the club slightly to the right.

The second thing to remember is that since the club is higher off the ground, it doesn't require bending forward as much. This will cause the shoulders to turn on a flatter plane, which helps the ball go towards the left.

Remembering these two things will help make this type of shot seem much less difficult.

Thoughts on Sidehill Shots

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Peter Krause shares two swing thoughts for shots where the ball is above your feet

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