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Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar on making bunker shots easier

According to legendary golf instructor and PGA Professional Jim Flick, when most golfers face bunker shots, there are a variety of factors that they are concerned about, including whether they should strike the ball with the club or hit the sand, or whether the clubface should be opened or closed.

In this video golf lesson, Phil Blackmar and Flick demonstrate how to easily get out of a bunker. There is no need to change your regular swing, but you do need to change the set-up of your shot by opening yourself and the club slightly, and keeping most of your weight on the left leg. It is also important to use a sand wedge to get the right amount of bounce.

These slight changes are necessary in getting the club underneath the ball and out of the bunker.

Golf tip: Bunker play made easy

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Jim Flick and Phil Blackmar on bunker shot tips that will simplify the way you play out of sand.

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