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Rick Barry on short- and long-distance bunker shots

Instructor Rick Barry shares how to play from a sand trap for both short and long distances. For the correct position, make sure the ball is back in your stance by aligning it with the inside of the back foot.

It is important to dig the toe deep into the sand so that the toes are at a lower elevation than the heels. This position stays the same regardless of the distance.

For shorter distances, the golf club should be as open as possible, while longer distances require a closed clubface. These tips will get you out of the bunker and closer to your target.

Bunker Shot Distances

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Rick Barry shares sand play techniques for hitting short and long bunker shots.

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  • Bunker Shot Distances

    Denny wrote on: Mar 21, 2011

    Good way to adjust roll and total distance out of a bunker, especially if not much lip to avoid.