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Brandel Chamblee on hitting chip-and-run shots with a 3-iron

In this video golf lesson, Brandel Chamblee demonstrates how to execute a successful chip-and-run shot with a 3-iron.

For the set-up of the shot, he advises placing the ball forward in your stance, almost as if with a putter and the 3-iron upright. This shot is very much like a putter, but it needs more movement in the wrists.

Spreading out the hands on the grip of the club allows for this extra wrist movement while keeping the hands relaxed. According to Chamblee, keeping the hands spread on the golf club is the most important factor in getting the desired results from this shot.

3-Iron Chip Shots

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Brandel Chamblee on how to hit the chip and run shot with a 3-iron.

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  • 3-Iron Chip

    Denny wrote on: Mar 21, 2011

    Getting the ball rolling on the green as quickly as possible is a good thing. Getting a little hop over the high grass and fringe is another. All of the advantages of a putt without getting cought up in the fringe. Thanks.