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The importance of correct setup posture for a successful golf swing

Posture is an important factor in any golf swing, and it has the benefit of being easily controlled. It is also a factor that can be practiced and repeated for every swing.

In this video golf lesson, PGA Professional Laird Small offers several helpful tips on getting the correct posture. Many golfers tend to get confused about how much to bend forward in a swing.

One tip Small offers in response to this problem is to put the hands on the thighs and push back from the hips until the fingertips touch the kneecaps. Having the correct setup posture will make for a more repeatable golf swing and more consistent results.

Setup Swing Posture

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Laird Small shares why setup posture is crucial to building a repeatable swing.

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  • Golf lesson

    Carl Kolchak wrote on: Apr 24, 2011

    That is a superb teaching video. Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you!


  • ppsture

    Jesus D. Macachor, M.D. wrote on: Jun 2, 2010

    The students should know the reason(s).The reason for the hip and knee flexion is to encourage the proper hip turn through in the downswing in which the right knee will be pointing towards the ball of the left foot towards impact. This is also the reason why you want slightly more weight on the balls of the feet than on the heels. If you can raise both heels simultaneously and ony alternately the toes, then you have the proper weight distribution between the heels and the balls of the feet.