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Tina Mickelson on accelerating through the ball to get out of the greenside bunker

PGA Professional Tina Mickelson shows you how to accelerate through the ball when it is in a greenside bunker.

The strategy that most golfers use when dealing with a greenside bunker is to stop abruptly or decelerate when the golf club hits the sand, which will not have the power to lift the ball out. For this practice drill, she advises going to a practice facility with a bunker rather than an actual golf course.

This practice allows golfers to get a feel for the acceleration that they will need. It is important to keep the elbow and wrist relaxed and also to utilize the bounce of the club. This will help you to swing down and through the sand to get the ball out of the bunker.

Tip: Bunker Swing Acceleration

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Tina Mickelson helps you swing down and through the sand in a greenside bunker.

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