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Blake Cathey shows how to hit out of pine straw

PGA Professional Blake Cathey demonstrates how to successfully hit shots out of pine straw in this video golf lesson.

When playing from pine straw, it is allowable to remove loose pieces from around the ball as long as the ball does not move. He creates two scenarios that are common with pine straw: one where the ball can be lofted and another using a chip shot to get the ball out.

The ball can be lofted when it is sitting up in the air. Using a chip shot is beneficial when the ball is down in the ground and cannot be lofted. These tips will help you handle difficult pine straw situations with ease.

Pine Straw Pointers

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Blake Cathey shares two techniques for hitting shots out pine straw.

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  • club type

    Mark Steward wrote on: Feb 7, 2012

    Im interested to know which club was selected for the second shot...thanks.