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Jim Flick on tackling difficult bunker shots

Getting the ball out of a bunker is difficult enough, but sometimes there are added elements that can make it even more challenging. In this video golf lesson, PGA Professional Jim Flick demonstrates how to handle some of those challenges.

He shows how to hit the ball from a high-lip bunker at a slightly downhill lie to a difficult elevated green. Flick strongly recommends using a sand wedge for this type of shot.

The ball needs to be back in your stance, and it is important that the club goes underneath the ball without actually touching it. These tips will help get you past any difficulties and out of the bunker.

Difficult Bunker Shots

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Jim Flick on how to play out of a high lip bunker from a downhill sloping lie.

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  • Difficult Bunker Shots

    Denny wrote on: Mar 21, 2011

    Downhill lies in bunkers almost guarantees a shot that runs, so accept it. Hit hard enough to get out (don't compund a bad situation) and hope for the best.