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Brandel Chamblee on getting better lag putting results

In this video golf lesson, Brandel Chamblee gives a few tips for more success with your lag putting.

Many times when golfers face long putting distances, they make the mistake of accelerating the putter and coming at the ball abruptly, when these distances actually require quite the opposite. This kind of shot requires an upright stance but a relaxed grip on the putter, which will allow the putter to gain speed through a long, flowing movement.

The putter head will gather its own momentum, guaranteeing that the ball will get close to the hole rather than past it.

Golf Tip: Lag Putting Secrets

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Brandel Chamblee shares tour-tested secrets for better lag putting results

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  • Lag Putting

    Victor wrote on: Oct 13, 2009

    Nice tip, I've used this technique for this season and have watched the putting stats get lower and lower. this tip is the primary reason that my net scoring average in my league is the lowest of all participants. Kudos and thanks!