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Trevor Immelman on long putting

In this video golf lesson, pro golfer Trevor Immelman offers some helpful advice on long putting while at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda.

Immelman recommends putting by feel on longer distances rather than complicating the shot by laying down clubs. He also suggests doing a few practice putts, if possible, of 30 or 40 feet in order to become acquainted with the speed of the greens since long putts mostly depend on speed.

The correct mindset is important as well. According to Immelman, many amateur golfers concentrate on not three-putting rather than making a successful putt. Once you have the proper goal in mind, a successful putt is just a matter of managing the speed of the ball.

Trevor Immelman on putting

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Trevor Immelman gives a short game clinic at the Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda

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