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Matt Malario shows you how to stop an over-the-top chop

PGA Professional Matt Malario demonstrates a simple drill that will prevent the over-the-top move at the start of the downswing.

Cory Pavins made this drill popular and included it as a regular part of his pre-shot routine. This drill will allow you to sequence your downswing more efficiently in order to swing the club on the proper path into the back of the golf ball from the inside.

These three things are important during the drill: There needs to be a weight shift to the left, the left hip needs to clear and the shoulders should maintain their line and a consistent relationship with the target. The result will be stronger and more powerful shots.

Stop the Over-the-Top Chop

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Matt Malario shares how Corey Pavins drill can help stop the over the top move at the start of the downswing.

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