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Michael Breed on how to shift your weight smoothly for a better swing

One of the most common problems that many amateur golfers experience, according to PGA Professional Michael Breed, is the reverse weight shift.

This incorrect shift occurs when weight stays on the forward foot in the back swing and moves to the backward foot in the through swing. Letting the weight of the body follow the direction that the golf club is traveling in will guard against this shift.

In this video golf lesson, Breed offers an easy drill that will help you achieve a smooth weight transfer during your swing. The drill will make it easier to understand the body's weight and how it needs to move in order to drive the golf ball further.

Shift Your Weight

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Michael Breed on how to shift your weight to drive the ball farther

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  • Shift your weight

    Steve Tucker wrote on: Oct 28, 2015

    Great tip I work on this constantly!!