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Retief Goosen on how to improve your short game

This video golf lesson, featuring Retief Goosen at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf in Bermuda, offers advice for golfers who need help with their short-game skills.

Goosen demonstrates how to execute two types of bunker shots: one with a short side and one from a downhill lie. The most common problem that he sees with many golfers when facing these situations is not opening the clubface. An open clubface is essential to getting out of the bunker, since squaring the club will cause it to hit the sand.

With a downhill lie, it is important that the body is aligned with the slope. Both of these shots require a firm swing in order to get out of the bunker.

Retief Goosen offers a short game lesson

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Retief Goosen offers a short game lesson at the Grand Slam of Golf

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