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Brandel Chamblee on dealing with 3-foot putts

Although they are seemingly easy, many golfers have trouble with short putting distances, especially the notorious 3-foot putts. Former PGA Tour pro Brandel Chamblee, an analyst for the Golf Channel, offers some advice on 3-foot putts in this video golf lesson that will have you handling short putting distances with more confidence.

When dealing with this kind of shot, the most important thing to do is simply keep your head still. During the shot setup, the eyes should be on the front of the ball, and they should remain looking at that point during the shot.

By keeping the head still the putter will be able to release. Although this seems elementary, it is surprisingly hard to do but very effective.

Golf Tip: Nailing Three Foot Putts

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Brandel Chamblee helps you face three foot putts without any fear

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