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Instructor Michael Breed shows how to get rid of your slice, hit straighter drives

This video golf lesson is for golfers who have a tendency to slice the ball. PGA Professional Michael Breed offers two tips that will help you hit straighter drives.

The first tip addresses a problem that Breed sees often, an incorrect grip on the club. The grip needs to be slightly lower in order to have more control.

The second tip has to do with the position of the shoulders. Correct posture is important in being able to rotate the body and getting the club underneath the ball. For the right-handed golfer, the shoulder line needs to be closed.

These two small changes will provide effective results.

Golf Tip: Cure Your Slice Today

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Golf instructor Michael Breed shares two ideas that will help you hit straighter drives.

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  • High & low handicap shots

    Bill Barnett wrote on: Aug 23, 2010

    Hey Michael,
    On the shot for the high & low handicapers tonight (8-23-10). That looked like a waste area----digging in under the rules of golf is a penalty.
    Your show is great! I watch all the time!!!!!
    Best regards,
    Bill Barnett