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By GolfPublisher Staff,
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SwingSong® the Concept

A powerful golf teaching and training aid, SwingSong® the Concept helps the golfer develop consistent swing rhythm, tempo, and timing or what SwingSong® calls "RTT®." This DVD and CD set uses the visual guide of top ten Master PGA teaching professional, Dr. Gary Wiren, demonstrating 3 golf swing tempos synchronized to the specifically composed SwingSong® music. By watching Dr. Wiren's golf swings in perfect rhythm with the music, the golfer can see and feel how the music works with the golf swing. By watching the swing and listening to the music, the golfer is able choose the swing tempo that is best for them. To mentally recall the tempo of their golf swing and keep it consistent, the audio CD provides ongoing reinforcement of the song on the way to the course or the range.

SwingSong® the Concept was invented by professional songwriter/musician and avid golfer, Michael Barton. Invented in the garage, Barton was working on his own issues with inconsistent swing speed. Barton found that if he used digital video to record his best swings, he could then examine these swings on the computers in his production studios. Barton was able to create a process in which he could find the exact speed of these "perfect " swings. Once Barton had the complete understanding of how this could be done in his pre/post video/audio production studios, SwingSong® was born. Barton was issued a patent on this process – "Choreographed Athletic Movement to Music" or "CAMM." Barton's first application of this process was to create a Custom SwingSong® for each of his clients. This time consuming and labor-intensive process did not allow Barton to reach all golfers, so he decided to document a professional golf swing that would give the product a broader mass appeal. Hence, the relationship with top ten Master PGA teaching professional Dr. Gary Wiren was forged.

To visually enhance the golfer's movie experience, beautiful golf course footage is interspersed with the golf swings of Dr. Wiren. SwingSong® the Concept was shot on location at the world famous PGA National Resort and Spa, the "Champions" and "Haig" golf courses in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Once the golfer has become familiar with their chosen SwingSong® (Slower, Medium or Faster), they will find that the concept of swinging rhythmically to music is easily applied to the rest of the game; chipping, pitching, ¾ swings and putting. The music will teach the golfer how to "feel" a rhythmic swing. With SwingSong® the Concept, the golfer can focus on the "RTT®" of their swing rather than the mechanics.

With SwingSong, you really can…"Lock It In®!"

A few words about Master PGA teaching professional, Dr. Gary Wiren

Dr. Wiren was “Teacher of the Year” in the United States in 1982, the 2nd teacher ever to receive the award. Dr. Wiren is currently ranked 9th in Golf Digest’s Top 50 Teachers in America and annually in Golf Magazine’s Top 100. Previously Dr. Wiren served the PGA of America for 12 years, founding its National Academy of Golf.

Dr. Wiren has written 11 books on golf, including the 617 page PGA Teaching Manual (one of the most influential books written for teachers of golf).

Dr. Wiren has written over 200 articles on the game of golf, has 13 film credits, 4 videos on the market, the latest titled “The Fascinating World of Golf,” and has taught over 250,000 people in 34 countries. His latest book is “When Golf is a Ball,” 2004.

More can be found on this living golf legend at: www.garywiren.com

A few words on the location used for SwingSong® the Concept, the PGA National.

SwingSong® the Concept

Barton felt that the package should include footage of a famous and beautiful golf course so when the PGA National in Florida became available, Barton jumped at the chance. From its breathtaking views off the tee to the exotic cranes flying majestically overhead, these courses are sure to please the eye. The PGA National has played host to many national and international events, including the Ryder Cup, the PGA Championship and, from 1982 through 2000, the PGA Seniors’ Championship. It is the home of the PGA of America. More information on the beautiful courses of the PGA National can be found at: www.pga-resorts.com

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