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David Leadbetter on achieving a flowing movement in your golf swing for greater consistency

This video tip features David Leadbetter explaining the dynamics of golf and offering tips for a consistently smooth swing. Leadbetter gives a basic but thorough introduction to the game, making it an excellent video for beginners.

He demonstrates a drill that will help improve the flow of the shot from the beginning. In practice, Leadbetter starts by swinging slightly forward from the ball and then back a few times, achieving a smooth and flowing tempo, and then transferring that motion into the actual swing for an improved shot in both tempo and flow, which will eventually lead to greater consistency.

Swing Flow Tempo Drill

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David Leadbetter on a drill that promotes a flowing swing motion for greater consistency

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  • David Leadbetter swing flow

    Benji Pillay wrote on: Aug 11, 2012

    David Leadbetter swing flow drill does help